Your cue not to queue

Did you know that the average person wastes 13 months of their life waiting?

Say goodbye to waiting in lines, health risks, frustration and, most importantly, wasted time…

And say hello to a new way of booking healthcare appointments.

Download for free today!

Find, book and check-in easily

QHERE is a free app that allows you to remotely book an appointment or join a queue at any public and private healthcare provider in the UK.


Using the map page you can explore healthcare providers in your local area or further afield.

You can view all services that the clinic offers, their prices, reviews, the real-time waiting times and the exact address.

Book or queue

Book an appointment or join a remote queue without having to call, fill in a time-consuming contact form or wait in line!

Once your appointment has been made, you can track the real-time progress via the bookings page of the QHERE app.

If anything changes, you’ll be notified, meaning you don’t waste time heading to the clinic to still be left sitting in the waiting room!


When you arrive for your appointment, simply scan the QR code, and that’s it!

The clinic now knows you’re there and should call you in within 1 minute of your arrival.

A fresh approach to booking healthcare

After finding out how much time you can save using QHERE, you’ll never want to be without it!


Forget trawling the internet to find healthcare provider’s details, filling in lengthy contact forms or calling and being left on hold. With QHERE, bookings can be made in seconds.


As QHERE is an online booking system, you can book and queue remotely and only arrive at the clinic when the clinic is ready for you, avoiding the frustration of wasting time.


Waiting rooms are dangerous! Increase your and others’ safety by avoiding long waits in close proximity, and reducing the spread of dangerous diseases and illnesses.

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