General Practice

GPs play a crucial role in the healthcare sector, serving as the first point of contact for many patients seeking private medical assistance

The private GP sector is experiencing exponential growth, and many clinics can’t keep up.

The Patients

Due to the growing pressure on the NHS, 18% of people plan to use a private GP in the coming months.

However, turning to private GPs is often not a hassle-free solution. The majority of private GP practices don’t offer an online booking system and still expect patients to call or send in time-consuming contact forms.

This frustrates patients, wastes their time, and seriously risks their health!

With QHERE, it’s different.

Patients can quickly and easily book a private GP appointment or queue remotely for an emergency appointment and be kept up-to-date throughout the whole process, saving them time.

The GPs

As a private practice, you value high-quality service; this is what makes the private sector appealing to patients compared to the NHS.

However, when patients are forced to call your practice, fill in contact forms, lack communication with your practice or are left wating at any stage, this negatively impacts their experience.

This makes them less likely to visit you in the future and, therefore, has a negative impact on your revenue.

Implementing QHERE into your practice means patients can book simply and easily from the QHERE app while you manage all your appointments from the home page of the business app and allocate staff accordingly.

QHERE also provides tailored and invaluable analytics and reporting to support the betterment of operations across the whole of your practice, increasing staff utilisation, reducing expenditure and offering a spectacular service to all your patients; keeping them loyal to your practice.

28% of people are only willing to wait 48 hours to see their NHS GP before considering going private.

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