General Practice

GPs play a crucial role in the healthcare sector, serving as the first point of contact for many patients seeking medical assistance. As a GP, you’re responsible for diagnosing and treating a wide range of illnesses, providing preventative care, and referring patients to specialists when necessary.

Both private and NHS GPs can benefit from QHERE, a comprehensive platform designed to simplify and streamline their daily operations.

Private GPs

We’ve found that due to the growing pressure on the NHS, 18% of people plan to use private healthcare to see a GP in the coming months. However, most private practices aren’t prepared for this sudden increase in patient traffic, risking patient dissatisfaction and a loss in revenue. 

With QHERE, patients can easily book same-day or advanced appointments with ease, directly from the app, reducing stress, saving time and increasing patient satisfaction. 

Implementing QHERE into your practice means you can easily manage all your patient traffic from the home page of the business app. The app is also able to provide your practice with tailored and invaluable information to help you ensure your staff are being utilised at all times, therefore, reducing expenditure.

A utilised workforce and improved patient satisfaction directly lead to repeat visits, positive reviews, and an increase in referrals, ultimately leading to a boost in revenue by up to 28%. 

28% of people are only willing to wait 48 hours to see their NHS GP before considering going private.


As a GP in the public sector, your needs as a practice differ widely from the private sector. The NHS is under constant pressure to increase patient satisfaction while reducing pressure on the workforce, all while dealing with a workforce gap of around 15%.

QHERE is able to reduce that gap by increasing staff utilisation by up to 25%, meaning less staff need to be hired to fill the current gap.

QHERE also guarantees an increase in patient satisfaction by an astounding 47%, which is desperately welcomed by patients and GPs alike. This is due to the accessibility and ease of use of the app as well as its distinguished features and tools tailored to the healthcare sector.

In recent months GPs across the country have seen over 90 patients per day, 3 times the recommended safety limit.

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