There has been more growth in the Dentistry sector than any other private healthcare sector in the past 12 months.

95% of dental practices in the UK are no longer taking on adult NHS patients, putting pressure on the private dental sector.

The Patients

Due to the lack of accessibility to treatment on the NHS, 36% of people said that they plan to use private dentists in the coming months.

However, the majority of dental clinics aren’t optimising their operations; they don’t offer an online booking system and still expect patients to call or send in time-consuming contact forms.

This frustrates patients, wastes their time, and risks their health.

With QHERE, it’s different.

Patients can easily book same-day or advanced dental appointments with ease, directly from the app, reducing stress, saving time and increasing patient satisfaction.

The Dentists

There are several patient management solutions out there, but QHERE falls into a category of its own.

Something that’s never been done before – complete appointment management combined with workforce management.

This ensures that patients are only offered appointments and encouraged to enter the clinic when you have the capacity to handle them.

With QHERE, you can easily manage all your appointments from the home page of the business app and allocate staff accordingly.

QHERE also provides tailored and invaluable analytics and reporting to support the betterment of operations across the whole of your clinic, increasing staff utilisation and reducing expenditure.

A utilised workforce and improved patient satisfaction directly lead to repeat visits, positive reviews, and an increase in referrals, ultimately leading to a boost in revenue by up to 28%.

69% of patients are willing to use a remote booking system such as QHERE!

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