Dentistry hasn’t escaped the growing pressure on the National Health System – 95% of dental practices in the UK are no longer taking on adult patients due to capacity.

This has led to a currently overworked public sector, as staff are desperate for respite, and growing pressure on the private sector, as patients are desperate for treatment! 

Private Dentists

Due to the lack of accessibility to treatment on the NHS, 36% of people said that soon they would use private healthcare to fund dental treatment. But is your clinic ready for that increase in patient traffic?

QHERE can assist you with easily managing all your patient traffic from the home page of the business app. The app is also able to provide your clinic with tailored and invaluable information to help you ensure your staff are being utilised at all times, therefore, reducing expenditure and increasing capacity.

With the QHERE app, your patients can book same-day or advanced appointments quickly and easily, directly from the app, reducing stress, saving time and increasing patient satisfaction.

A utilised workforce and improved patient satisfaction directly lead to repeat visits, positive reviews, and an increase in referrals, ultimately leading to a boost in revenue by up to 28%.

69% of patients are willing to use a remote booking system such as QHERE!

NHS Dentists

As a clinic that accepts NHS patients, your needs may differ from a private-only clinic. Workforce management and extending capacity are likely to be at the top of your list – a utilised workforce and schedule equals the ability to accept more patients and stay on target.

QHERE is able to guarantee an increase in staff utilisation by up to 25%; imagine the number of patients you could fit into this extra time!

As part of the NHS, patient satisfaction is another key value that public sector healthcare providers need to consider. Due to the simplicity and easiness of the QHERE app, we can guarantee an increase in patient satisfaction by up to 47%!

28% of people will only wait up to 48 hours to be seen by their NHS dentist before considering private treatment.

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