When it comes to health, time matters

How do you manage your appointments, workforce, capacity and data?

Whatever your answers may be, we know there’s another way.

An innovative way. A time-saving way. A safer way.

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QHERE is the first operational enhancement solution created by experts specifically designed for the UK Healthcare sector.

The solution innovatively combines appointments directly with the capacity of the workforce.

Patients can search, book or queue remotely for healthcare providers and be kept up-to-date throughout.

Providers can manage the workforce, appointments, allocate shifts, send notifications, download reports and much more.

The QValuator

Are you utilising your resources?

Should you look into hiring more staff?

Are your patients left waiting to be seen?

The QValuator helps public and private healthcare providers understand how optimised their operations are and where improvement should be made.

Simply fill in the boxes and get your FREE operational evaluation!



    by 25%

    Ensure your staff are allocated to the correct roles and are being utilised at all times, reducing stress, overworking and wasted time. QHERE guarantees an increase in workforce utilisation by up to 25%.


    by 47%

    Patients can book appointments or queue remotely quickly and easily from their mobile devices. Then, can wait wherever they choose until it’s time to leave for their appointment. Significantly increasing patient satisfaction by 47%!


    by 28%

    By using the innovative solutions that QHERE provides, you won’t lose patients to walk-outs. Instead, you’ll be maximising loyalty and overall patient experience, which equals an increase in revenue of up to 28%.


    Health risks

    by 94%

    With patients able to queue in the comfort of their own homes or wherever they choose, they are 94% less likely to catch illnesses and diseases such as coughs, colds and the flu that are commonly found lingering in waiting rooms.


    by 40%

    On average, more than 40% of floor space in healthcare clinics is for waiting rooms. Using QHERE means there’s little need for a large waiting room, and you can utilise that space in a better way, such as another consultation room for example. 

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    Wasted time

    by 13+ months

    The average person in the UK spends more than 13 months of their life in a queue! Using QHERE ensure that time is saved and spent doing more important things like sharing precious moments with loved ones.

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