Urgent care

Urgent care centres are an important part of our public and private healthcare system, providing prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions.

Public and private urgent care centres are often unpredictable, and centres are unable to predict or manage patient traffic, leading to lengthy waiting times, unsatisfied patients and stressed-out staff.

Private centres

As a private urgent care centre, we understand that one of your biggest struggles is the effective management of patient traffic, especially during peak times. This leads to long wait times for your patients, resulting in poor patient experience and loss of business. This is often due to the lack of viable online booking systems, which makes it difficult for potential patients to book appointments quickly and efficiently.

At QHERE, we understand these challenges and are committed to helping private urgent care centres overcome them. QHERE can provide you with better patient management, therefore, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction by up to 47%.

This increase in patient satisfaction leads to referrals and return customs, increasing your revenue by up to 28%! 

28% of people won't even wait for urgent care treatment and end up going home untreated.

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