Diagnostics are an essential part of a patient’s health and well-being. However, the current way the NHS completes such diagnostics is often linked with severe waiting times and frustration.

This is leading to more patients going private for scans and tests, putting an equal amount of pressure on private diagnostic centres around the UK.

Private Diagnostics

In a recent survey, we found that 23% of people plan to use private healthcare in the future for private diagnostics. This is a huge increase and one that can be directly linked to the current struggles in the NHS.

Unfortunately, not many diagnostics are accessible for patients, and often the only option is for them to call or fill in a complicated form which ultimately diverts the patient to other centres.

QHERE can provide your centre with a system that allows you to manage pre-booked appointments as well as same-day appointments, allowing patients to book either directly from the easy-to-use marketplace app. This reduces the virtual ‘walk out rate’ and help retain patients for the future. 

2/5 Brits have thought about using private healthcare for tests and scans in the last 3 months.

NHS Diagnostics

We are currently in a period where the (referral to treatment) time is creeping away from the 18-week standard, which can be put down to the general increase in waiting time across the board.

According to the NHS, the total number of patients waiting six weeks or more from referral for one of the 15 key diagnostic tests at the end of March 2023 was 407,200. Compared with March 2022, the total number of patients waiting six weeks or more increased by 17,300, far beyond what’s possible for the current NHS system to handle. 

Synchronising this supply and demand is crucial to reducing the extended waiting times, and supporting the workforce is where QHERE can help.

QHERE can help assure that your workforce is fully utilised at all times, therefore reducing the time patients have to wait for diagnostics.

69% of people are willing to use a remote queuing service such as QHERE for diagnostics.

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