1 in 6 people are waiting for diagnostic tests on the NHS, forcing people to turn to private in order to protect their health.

This influx in patients is overloading the private diagnostic sector.

The Patients

In a recent survey, we found that 23% of people plan to use private healthcare in the future for private diagnostics. This is a huge increase and one that can be directly linked to the current waiting time for diagnostics in the NHS.

Unfortunately, not many diagnostic clinics make their services accessible to patients and often leads to wasted time

Many clinics only offer contact forms, where patients are expected to wait hours/days for confirmation of their appointment, leading to frustration and serious health risks.

With QHERE, patients can easily and simply book any diagnostic appointment from the app and get immediate confirmation, saving their time and protecting their health.

The Professionals

Worried that you won’t be able to manage who books an appointment at your clinic?

We understand you need to have control over this stage, and we’ve got you covered.

With QHERE, you can set per-arrival questions that will be asked of the patient during the booking process. Depending on their answers, you can direct them to book an appointment or not.

This keeps you in complete control of your bookings without QHERE taking on any element of clinical triaging.

69% of patients would use a remote booking service if they could; the simple and easy process of booking with QHERE reduces the virtual ‘walk-out rate’ and helps retain patients for the future, boosting your revenue.

2/5 Brits have thought about using private healthcare for tests and scans in the last 3 months.

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