Independant NHS Providers

It’s clear that the public healthcare sector is suffering from a severe lack of staff and resources.

As an Independent NHS Provider, you’re probably feeling the pressure too!

The problem

The NHS desperately needs to optimise operations.

There are simply too many patients and not enough resources; there’s a major lack of staff across the NHS as a whole. Operations aren’t aligned, leading to increased wait times, decreased patient satisfaction and health risks.

But as an Independent NHS Provider, you can make a change. You can make your own decision. You have a solution right in front of you.

The solution

QHERE has been designed to support Independent NHS Providers in several ways.

With operational enhancement, independent providers can properly manage appointments alongside the workforce, utilising staff and resources, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.

We don’t partner directly with NHS Trusts and instead work closely with Private Healthcare Providers and Independent NHS Providers.

"The NHS workforce is growing but not enough to keep up with demand."


"Unacceptably, 1/6 people are waiting for diagnostic tests in the NHS."


"We’re currently at the bottom of any league tables in terms of healthcare in the whole of Europe."

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