It might not be something you think about when you hear ‘remote queue’, but queuing remotely has several benefits for your health.

Just think for a second about your situation when you queue; you’re standing in close contact with people you don’t know, bumping against them, talking to them and all breathing in the same air. Now imagine what germs and bacteria are being spread, not to mention the leg ache you get after 30 minutes of standing in line!

Remote queues are safer, more convenient AND more practical. Who has time to wait in line just to be served? Just about nobody in this day and age!

What can remote queuing help prevent?


Spread of viruses and bacteria:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the globe have, thankfully, become more aware of the harm of standing in close contact with others and large groups. However, this doesn’t mean that queues have been eradicated, services and purchases still need to be done, and queues are still a part of that process. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Queuing remotely allows you to wait for your turn somewhere safer, away from crowds and avoid catching any coughs or colds that circulate at this time of year.

As we enter autumn, did you know that even the flu can be spread simply via particles in the breath? Pretty scar, right?



Yes, simply queuing remotely can reduce your stress level and increase those happy feelings. It makes complete sense. Pick a time that you’ve queued for something. Were you happy while in that queue? Probably not. And why? Because you feel like you’re wasting your time and would rather be elsewhere doing something more enjoyable! This is what remote queuing allows; happy thoughts and a much calmer experience all around!


Queuing remotely avoids those difficult circumstances that queues often put us in. If you’ve got small kids, you will be able to relate. Standing in a line for 30 minutes while your little one runs wild around the store can get quite embarrassing, but you’d dare leave your spot in case you miss your turn. It’s quite a conundrum. Queues also cause problems for people in wheelchairs and those with a hard time standing for long periods. Remote queuing offers you the chance to wait somewhere more comfortable and only return to the store when it’s your turn to be served; who wouldn’t want that?

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