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Wael ElAttar

Founder & Ceo of QHERE

I founded QHERE back in 2019 because I knew change needed to happen. I spent most of my career working for Vodafone, focusing on customer experience and change management. This lead me to realise that in every single industry, there is a problem with queuing, and nobody is trying to fix it. In my mind, the UK health sector is screaming out for this change, so QHERE was born. My team and I work hard to ensure these changes happen, and I’m excited to see the changes QHERE brings to the future of the healthcare sector.

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Public and private healthcare providers have accepted that extended waiting times, frustrated patients and a loss in revenue are just part of business.

QHERE is revolutionising the booking and queuing process by introducing an innovative queue management and appointment booking system combined with the ultimate workforce management solution, all with the aim to satisfy your patients, utilise your workforce and increase your revenue.

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