Veterinary clinics play a vital role in keeping our beloved pets healthy and happy.

However, many veterinary clinics in the UK are struggling with patient flow management due to outdated booking systems.

The owners

The experience that pet owners have with veterinary clinics is essential but often overlooked.

Most clinics expect pet owners to call or fill out a time-consuming contact form just to make an appointment, wasting a great deal of their time and increasing their stress levels.

Aside from the difficulty of booking, most clinics don’t link their availability to their real-time capacity, essentially their supply and demand, which leads to a waiting room full of stressed-out pets and their owners, making the experience much more negative.

With QHERE, owners can book appointments or queue remotely for emergency appointments directly on the app and be told when to leave their location to reach their appointment on time, reducing the time they need to wait inside the clinic.

The Vets

Vet clinics tend to overlook the unnecessary stress that sitting in a full waiting room has on pets and their owners

This stress can easily be avoided with an operational enhancement solution such as QHERE, that combines patient bookings with the real-time capacity of the clinic. 

QHERE has been designed to optimise operations with the aim of making every second count; utilising staff and resources and making the most out of everyone’s time. 

By improving the experience for both pets and their owners, we believe that QHERE can help veterinary clinics grow their businesses and provide better care for their patients. 

69% of pet owners would use a remote queuing system if they had the option.

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