Rajesh Kumar

Marketing & Sales Executive at QHERE

I’m an enthusiastic marketer with a passion for mixing art and data. I love testing creative concepts and analysing campaigns to optimise results. I thrive on the challenge of connecting QHERE with consumers meaningfully through insightful strategies. In my personal time, I enjoy landscape photography, playing cricket, and reading books.

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Who are we?

QHERE is an operational enhancement solution created by operational experts specifically designed for the UK Healthcare sector.

Currently, when a patient wants to book an appointment with a healthcare provider, they have to trawl the internet, find their details and either waste time calling or filling in a contact form. Then, they’re offered an appointment based on the clinic’s opening hours. It’s a digital calendar at best!

But from the QHERE app, patients can search, book or queue remotely for healthcare providers while being offered appointments based on the real-time capacity of the clinic, saving patients’ time.

From the QHERE business app, providers can manage the workforce alongside patient bookings. From the backend, providers can manage all elements of the business, from shift allocation and editing services to marketing notifications and reporting, saving providers time.

In fact, managing operations via QHERE can increase patient satisfaction by up to 47%, staff utilisation by 25% and revenue by up to 28%.

When it comes to health, time matters.

Make your time count with QHERE.

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