Every business has a well defined target audience. It depends partly on the products or services a company offers and partly on the preferences of the company. It is absolutely normal for a company to have a multitude of products or services catering to multiple audiences, and that is where things get a little complicated from the perspective of customer service.

Today it is becoming increasingly important to ensure optimum customer service. To strategize your customer service policy and how you would manage the challenges, you have to know the purpose of the visitors at every branch. Every walk-in doesn’t necessarily have the same demands.

Let us consider some of the common purposes:

  • Some visitors may visit your branch as part of a routine, updating certain information, placing a regular order or just enquiring about the new products.
  • Some visitors will walk-in to report complaints or to have their grievances addressed.
  • Some visitors will have special demands, be it the products or the services, a financial agreement or anything pertaining to your mutual association.
  • Then there are visitors who aren’t your customers or leads and may or may not be interested in what you sell.

You should respond to queries in a certain way, which would be very different from how you would handle a grievance. Routine walk-in or customer service will be catered to in a certain way. Existing customers and new customers or leads are not treated the same way. From the kind of information you need to how complicated certain service deliverables can be, a branch will have to satiate myriad demands.

In such a scenario, you need to know who is coming to your branches and for what purpose. Only then can you come up with a well informed strategy of catering to your visitors. You need adequate staff, you need experts in specific niches that will attend to the visitors and you need enough provisions in your branch to manage the walk-in footfall and to cater to optimum customer service. Only then can all the visitors find the desired resolutions at your branch.

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