World Humanitarian Day 2022 is on the 19th of August and the theme for this year is #TheHumanRace. The UN established this day in 2009 to celebrate humanitarian aid workers worldwide.

The UN chose the 19th of August because it commemorates the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq in 2003; tragically, 22 people lost their lives.


What are Humanitarian Aid Workers?

Incredible people. That’s what they are. We could leave it at that but give you some more information… Aid workers are people who provide care, protection and assistance to suffering people all around the world. They put their own lives in danger to be able to provide life-changing and life-saving aid to those who need it most. This can be in conflict zones or even after natural disasters such as flooding, tsunamis, fires etc.

Can I be an Aid Worker?

Absolutely. This day is not only used to celebrate current aid workers and those who lost their lives while saving others but also to help encourage people to become humanitarians. The role of a humanitarian is a fulfilling and eye-opening experience, but it comes with many dangers, but this is the line of work. Head to the Action Aid website if you want to learn more about how you can become a humanitarian worker.

How Can I Get Involved?

One of the best places to learn everything there is about being a humanitarian or even donating towards their resources is the Action Aid website. They have plenty of information on how you can donate to appeals worldwide, and you can even read tear-shedding stories about how aid workers have positively changed so many lives. You can donate to appeals such as the 2022 East-Africa food crisis, 2021 Haiti Earthquake, 2021 Gaza crisis and the ever-present 2022 Ukraine crisis.

As I’m sure you already know, the Ukraine crisis is ongoing, and many people still need help. We’re sure that this year a lot of thanks will go to the humanitarians in several countries that have assisted Ukrainians. Many people living in bordering countries have opened their homes to Ukrainian families, schools have accepted new students halfway into the year, and many courageous people have travelled to Ukraine to assist in their fight against Russia. This day is dedicated to celebrating these insanely brave souls.

Did you know that if you donated to the Ukraine crisis, just £20 could provide one person with shelter and food for a whole month? Head to Action Aid’s website to donate. 

If you are already a humanitarian aid worker, know that on the 19th of August, we thank you for your continued efforts to create a safer, cleaner and better world for us to live in. Thank you!

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