12th August is International Youth Day, but why should we celebrate the youth, and what benefits can it have for our businesses? Read on to find out more.

To put it plainly, today’s youth are tomorrow’s customers. How you treat them directly affects whether they will contribute to your future revenue. We’re big fans of the below quote…

If a business not listening to the youth, they are not listening to their future competitors, employees, or customers.

Wadia Ait HamzaHead of Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum


The first international youth day was celebrated in 1999 after the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon recommended a resolution to the UN General Assembly.


This day is dedicated to young men and women worldwide to celebrate their involvement in tackling worldwide issues and attempting to obtain sustainable development across several areas. Depending on the country and tradition, it can also serve as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues and problems the youth of today face: lack of emotional support, right to education, financial aid and employment rights. The business sector often uses this day to celebrate younger staff members and thank young entrepreneurs for their creativity and resilience.


What is this day really for, you ask? Businesses often participate in workshops, seminars and meetings to discuss the above issues and resolutions that can be put into place. Governments and ministries worldwide may hold or attend such events to get an insight into how the public intends to assist the youth of today. Again, this depends on the country and the value they place on their youth’s involvement in society at the time.


There are many ways you can participate in International Youth Day. If you aren’t into the idea of holding a workshop, then opt for placing banners or balloons around the office and offering a free lunch for your younger staff and interns. This would show your encouragement, gratitude and celebration of the day.

However, if you want to begin participating in resolving the issues mentioned above and have the financial aid and organisational efforts to do so, a seminar for all your staff, a workshop or a meeting would be a step towards tackling these issues head-on. This might be an eye-opening exercise. It’s an opportunity to allow your youth to speak up; they often get shot down as most have just entered the corporate world. Youth have a completely different outlook on life, let alone how they are treated in your business. You could get an insight into things that may have never crossed your mind.

Did you know that today’s youth is the largest in history? More than three billion people are under 30. This is nearly half of the world’s population, making it even more crucial that we celebrate and treat young people with the respect and gratitude they deserve. Creating a healthy and supportive space for youth creates a healthy and supported future for society.

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