The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is all about looking after your guests, making them feel welcome and providing a positive experience.

As we enter a post-COVID way of life, the hospitality industry is booming – but one issue remains – queues.

Guests want to make the most out of their time and certainly don’t want to wait in line to sit at a restaurant, be given a table at a bar or wait for their well-deserved spa treatment. 

For businesses to remain successful in the customer-focused hospitality industry, changes need to be made to the way they deal with queues.

QHERE provides a remote queuing, appointment booking system and workforce management solution; increasing customer satisfaction, improving workforce utilisation and increasing revenue. 

Food & Beverage

When customers want to reserve a table at a restaurant or bar, the process is unclear and dependent on the establishment’s system; some offer online booking, some you must call and others accept walk-ins only. 

The whole process is unclear to customers, confusing and frustrating – leading customers to only visit establishments that have a simple reservation and process. 

The QHERE app offers a remote queuing option hosted on our online booking system, customers can view your establishment plus the current waiting time and decide if they want to visit. If so, they can simply join the queue and be notified when they need to leave their current location to reach their turn on time.

The appointment booking system is a feature that will prevent much distress and confusion in your business. Customers can view the available reservation times and book at their convenience – no hassle or frustration at all. Which for you, results in higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. 

21% of customers won't queue for a restaurant, bar or cafe.

Spas & Wellness Retreats

Although the cases of COVID-19 in the UK are declining, safety precautions are still in place to prevent the spread of the illness. 

Spas and wellness retreats are places where people are often near each other. However, we have found that due to demand and lack of time between appointments, stations can’t be disinfected as often as they should, increasing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

QHERE can be implemented into your business to help you manage your walk-in customers and pre-booked appointments by allowing staff the time they need to fully clean and prepare for their next appointment. All in all reducing queuing within your centre equals a 94% reduction in health risks! 

Customers can view your centre on the app, pick on the service they want and decide whether to queue remotely now or later by using the appointment booking system. Once they have selected their time, the app will send them notifications of when to leave their current location to reach their appointment on time – reducing the risk of missed appointments.

Cancellation of appointments through the app is simple and can be done with just a few clicks, this helps reduce the amount of missed appointments, utilises your workforce and increases revenue.

QHERE also provides mobile workforce management software and data reporting; see when your busy and quiet periods are and ensure you always have enough staff on hand to deal with demand.

Since the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, the hospitality industry has suffered with the influx of customers, causing chaos, queuing and a loss in revenue.

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