Your cue not to queue. 

Just because we might have all queued the same way since the 19th century, doesn’t mean we should continue queuing that way. In fact, with a remote queuing solution like Q HERE, you won’t feel like you’re queuing at all. Say goodbye to the old frustration, wasted time and health risks, by tapping into the app that replaces traditional queuing with efficiency, satisfaction and convenience.

It couldn’t be quicker or easier.

Q HERE is the free app that allows you to remotely join the queue of any place while completely eliminating the waiting time when you arrive. Based on your current location, the app will let you know when you should move to arrive at your turn. That means you can be on time, without waiting in line.



Explore places and find out how busy they are before you choose to join a queue. Book appointments at your preferred place, without yet having to be physically present in that location.


Queue remotely rather than in person, receiving an alert of when it’s time to move, so that you can arrive at your turn without waiting. The app takes into consideration your current location and any possible delays at the place you’re visiting, and will keep you updated even if you’re on the move.

Check in

Scan the QR code when you arrive at the place you’re visiting to check in. You will then be able to pay swiftly and easily for your booking. Afterwards, you can rate the product or service you receive and even share your experience via social media.

The benefits of Q HERE 

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Q HERE: a true revolution in queuing 

After sampling Q HERE, you’ll never want to queue the same way again.

An incomparable queuing experience

The traditional social norm, re-imagined for the digital age. Why wait any longer to Q HERE?




Up to 5 Users




Up to 50 Users




No Limit On Users

You’re just one free download away. 

Bring all of the convenience of remote queuing to your smartphone or tablet today. We offer intuitive and fully-featured apps for both iOS and Android users.