The Healthcare Sector

Queuing at any healthcare establishment can increase the spread of illnesses, such as COVID-19, by up to 94%!

Simply put, when it comes to Healthcare, the last thing patients need to do is queue. 

The media and public constantly criticise the NHS and private clinics for not operating at their finest; wait times are unacceptable and patients are always dissatisfied.

QHERE can eliminate all of these issues and therefore improve patient experience, assist with workforce management and improve patient wait times. 

Equalling in safe, efficient and well-respected healthcare establishments across the nation. 

GP Surgeries

It’s a well-known and widespread issue that it’s almost impossible to book an appointment with a GP within a satisfactory time, leaving patients frustrated and at risk of their illness worsening.

When there are no available appointments for that day, patients are often told to come in and wait in the emergency seating, putting themselves, and other patients at serious risk.

The QHERE app can be put into action to eliminate these problems; the remote queuing option can be used for emergency appointments and allows patients to join a queue from wherever they are, with no need to call or walk into the practice. Quite simply, the safest way to queue. 

The appointment booking system allows patients to view the calendar of their practitioner and book a slot that suits them, saving their time and increasing patient satisfaction. 

Whether a patient opts for remote queuing or appointment booking, they will then get notified when they need to leave their current location to reach their appointment on time – equalling in fewer missed appointments.

Our research has found that the app is so easy and quick to use that patients are far more likely to open the app and cancel their appointment than just leave it unattended. This allows for other patients to be able to book these spaces, further utilising your workforce and satisfying your patients. 

Over 15 million appointments per year with healthcare professionals are missed due to patients failing to cancel in time, if at all.


Pharmacists in the UK seem to be expected to do two jobs; deal with walk-in patients asking for advice and organise and distribute prescriptions. The difficulty is that juggling both tasks can lead to dangerous mistakes and a waste of pharmacists’ and patients’ time. 

The QHERE app is customisable; establishments can fully personalise their patients’ experiences and journeys. There is the opportunity for you, as a pharmacist, to select hours throughout the day where you want to complete certain tasks and patients can use the online booking system to remotely queue, or book an appointment, for that service, during those particular hours.

Patients can view the remote queue waiting time from the app and decide if they want to queue now, or book later – saving their time and reducing their frustration. 

This allows you to fully utilise your time and be under less pressure to do several jobs at once. You can use the mobile workforce management software to help manage other staff, ensuring a patient is never left waiting to be served.

Only 4% of patients are willing to wait longer than 60 minutes for an emergency appointment...

Private Clinics

All private clinics have their own appointment booking system, and often on several platforms, which can result in misunderstandings and patient dissatisfaction. 

As a clinic, you may deal with emergency and non-emergency appointments at the same time; further confusing the process for the patient and your establishment.

The QHERE app can be used to assist with emergency remote queuing and non-emergency appointment booking.

You can add your available hours to the online booking system so patients can select and book an appointment time that suits them. 

The app isn’t just for remote queuing and appointment booking, it can assist with workforce management too. It offers real-time data to help you understand your busy, and quiet, periods so you can fully utilise your workforce and ensure you have enough staff on hand so every patient gets seen on time.

...this figure would more than double if there was a queuing solution in place.


Outpatient centres are critical for patient treatment, however, the appointment booking systems that are currently being used are in critical need of improvement. 

Currently, patients get given appointments on unsuitable days and times, and requesting to reschedule is near impossible. 

The QHERE app permits establishments, such as yourselves, to input the available appointment slots with specific professionals, allowing patients to book a time that suits them.

The app can also be personalised to allow you to send appointment options to patients all through the app, equalling faster and smoother operations. Then, patients can accept, decline or request to reschedule the appointment immediately and with ease. If they select to reschedule, they will be forwarded to the calendar of the professional they are due to visit and can choose a better-suited time.

Finally, if a patient cannot make their appointment, they can easily cancel within minutes by using the app, freeing up that appointment for another patient and utilising the professionals’ time.

Data-driven analytical reporting allows you, as the establishment, to track busy periods and ensure complete workforce management. Never keep a patient waiting, ever again. 

Our market research found that no other app includes remote queuing alongside workforce management; something we believe is essential when it comes to healthcare.

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