The Government Sector

Government-funded establishments receive a large amount of criticism from the public and media for not matching up to expectations when it comes to customer service and operations.

Unfortunately, until now, government institutions have had no option but to accept that slow processes and unsatisfied citizens are the only way forward.

QHERE is revolutionising the government sector, ensuring complete customer satisfaction, workforce management and increased revenue through our customisable remote queuing and appointment booking system. 

Visa & Passport Authorities

When it comes to appointment booking regarding visas and passports, the process is nothing but complicated and long, for the customer and establishment. 

The booking of these appointments relies on you, as the establishment, having to confirm each appointment for every single customer; wasting your time and reducing revenue and workforce utilisation potential.

The QHERE app can assist you with simplifying the process with our online appointment booking system, allowing your professionals to input their available hours and customers can book an appointment at a time that suits them, and you.

The app is extremely data-driven and will show your busy periods and quiet ones too, allowing your managers to improve workforce management. All in all improving customer satisfaction and increasing your revenue. 

31% of customers won't even queue for a government service...

Jobseeker's Allowance Centres

In 2022, the Department of Work and Pensions introduced a ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you’ scheme as an attempt to reduce phone line waiting times, however, it wasn’t exactly deemed a success. 

The fact remains that face-to-face appointments and phone call discussions are constantly being delayed due to the establishments not operating successfully. 

If citizens choose to visit your centre to receive assistance, they need to be prepared to wait an average of 45 minutes, after their scheduled appointment time before being seen or spoken to, leading to unsatisfied citizens and stressed-out staff.

Implementing the QHERE app into JSA centres can revolutionise the way these appointments are carried out. Management can add the available hours offered by the professionals, weeks in advance, and citizens can use the appointment booking system to select a time that suits them; reducing the risk of late arrivals and queues.

As most citizens are seen on an appointment basis, the app can be used as a workforce management solution, allowing you to oversee pre-booked appointments and ensure you have enough staff on hand during busy periods.

Equalling in complete workforce management and increased customer experience.

...which is an issue due to the long queues often found at these establishments.


Embassies deal with emergency and non-emergency appointments and this often causes chaos for the citizen and the authority; emergency appointments get priority and non-emergency appointments constantly get postponed.

If you, as an embassy, were to implement the QHERE app into your authority, this dilemma would be completely avoided. The app allows citizens that are looking for emergency assistance to be able to join live remote queues and be notified when to leave their current location to reach their appointment on time.

Non-emergency appointments can also be made through the online booking system and these citizens are given the available time slots for that particular day or week and can choose a time that suits them.

The use of the QHERE app in an Embassy would equal higher customer satisfaction, fewer delayed appointments and all-around smoother operations. 

Only 7% of customers would be willing to wait over 30 minutes...


The current way in which the DVLA has citizens book appointments is time-consuming and frustrating and booking over the phone is almost impossible. 

This whole process infuriates citizens, but to take their tests they cannot avoid it. 

The QHERE app can make any actions related to practical and theory test booking stable and smooth. The online booking system can be implemented on the government website, allowing citizens to book both exams by simply viewing the available slots and choosing a time that suits them best. 

The use of the QHERE app also eliminates wasted time by either centre, cancellations can be done easily and within seconds, freeing up space for other customers. It can also be used for its mobile workforce management software, therefore, utilising the workforce, and improving customer satisfaction and revenue. 

...compared to nearly 2x the amount that would be willing to wait 30 minutes in a remote queue.

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