The Finance Industry

It’s no secret that queuing is prevalent in all financial establishments.

The media has always branded this sector as unsatisfactory and lacking in operational optimisation and workforce management.

QHERE can be implemented into any financial establishment to create an innovative opportunity for remote queuing and online appointment booking; increasing customer satisfaction, improving workforce management and increasing revenue.

Bank Cashiers

Banks have always suffered from queues, but very few have introduced a successful queue management system or online booking system.

The main issue is that customers only know the wait time for their required service when they reach the branch, and when they do, it’s often much more than they had hoped for. This leads to extremely unsatisfied customers and a potential loss of revenue for the branch. 

The QHERE app allows customers to check the waiting times of all the remote queues, which gives them the freedom to choose if they want to join at that particular time, or a different one; reducing their frustration and increasing your revenue potential.

Banks also lack data collection and analytical software; QHERE not only assists with customer management but also with data collection, analytical information and workforce management solutions.

You can use the mobile workforce management software that QHERE provides to record busy periods and ensure that you have the correct workforce ready to deal with the demand. 

21% of customers won't queue for financial services...

Bank Financial Services

Although it’s unlikely to get walk-in customers for these services, organised appointment booking and workforce management are essential. However, when customers want to make these appointments, the process isn’t always straightforward, confusing the customers and chaos for you, the establishment. 

QHERE offers an appointment booking system that can drastically change the way these financial appointments are being made; simplifying the process, improving customer experience and increasing your revenue.

Your financial specialists can add their available hours into the QHERE app and customers will be able to view the available slots and book an appointment at a time that suits them, with no effort needed from the professionals themselves.

While only 3% of customers would be willing to wait over 30 minutes for a financial service.


Working as an independent mortgage advisor or insurance broker comes with great responsibility; the chore of organising appointments needn’t be an added stress. QHERE can do all of that for you. 

With the QHERE app, you can add your available hours and simply advise your clients to book appointments by themselves, easily and simply through the app. The app is fully customisable so you can personalise your clients’ experience from end to end. 

In comparision, they would be willing to wait 5x as long if they were using a remote queuing solution.

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