The Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is all about having fun and delighting your guests providing a memorable experience.

It’s quite fascinating that the way customers queue and book entertainment services hasn’t changed for over 100 years.

QHERE is the innovative marketplace app that’s making those changes happen.

Whether you run a theme park, fairground, concert venue or museum, QHERE can be implemented into your business; ensuring customer satisfaction, workforce management and increased revenue.

Concerts & Gigs

As we enter a post-COVID way of life, concerts and gigs and rapidly coming back to life. People are desperate to see their favourite performers back in action, but that only leads to one thing – queues. Often workforce management is lacking and that causes unsatisfied customers and stressed-out staff – all in all, ruining the fun before it’s even begun.

The QHERE app can be integrated into your ticket booking system, ensuring that each and every customer receives a seamless experience, guaranteeing their return custom. 

The app can be used for remote queuing but also as an appointment booking system; allowing you to confirm that you have enough staff to cover busy periods, concreting a smooth and stress-free experience for all. 

The entertainment industry suffers from queuing and its detrimental effects more than any other industry.

Theme parks & Fairgrounds

The average queuing time for a theme-park ride in the UK is 51 minutes, however, the real issue is that only 12% of visitors are willing to queue for more than 30 minutes… Leaving you with not many visitors willing to wait so long. 

Queuing at these establishments has become an unfortunate social norm. Customers plan their day out based on the fact they will need to queue for an unknown amount of time before being able to experience the thrill of a ride. 

We found that customers rarely visit theme parks and fairgrounds purely because of the long waiting times, this issue alone is creating a large dent in your revenue, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

QHERE can be integrated into the ticket booking process and used throughout your establishment as a remote queuing and appointment booking system. Customers can quite literally be queueing for one ride, while on another. This saves their time and guarantees their return custom while most certainly increasing your revenue.

20% of customers won't even queue for an entertainment venue.

Zoos & Safari Parks

Quite often customers visit these establishments with no prior planning, making it difficult for them, and you, to know how many customers are already there and how many more are coming. 

Customers are 3x more likely to walk away from a zoo or similar establishment if they reach the location and decide it’s too busy to enter, either for safety or time concerns. 

You can use the QHERE app to allow your customers to be able to see how busy your establishment is and allow them to decide on whether to visit on that day or a quieter one.

Customers are also able to use the QHERE app as an online appointment booking system, picking the date and time they want to arrive in a few quick and easy steps. The workforce management solution helps you ensure you have enough staff on the ground to cover both walk-in and pre-booked entries. 

You can even customise the app to allow for pre-entry questions and information ensuring COVID safety for everyone. All in all, resulting in safe and satisfied customers and a completely utilised workforce. 

Only 13% of customers are willing to wait longer than 30 minutes...

Museums & Exhibitions

The experience a customer has while in a museum or at an exhibition should be tranquil and peaceful, unfortunately, this can easily be ruined if the location is completely full. 

The simple change of too many people in one room or building can put customers off ever returning to that establishment, let alone lead to bad reviews and loss of revenue. 

QHERE can assist in this situation; the app can be customised to only allow a certain amount of people to queue at one time or book tickets for a certain day. Simply, if you have too many pre-booked tickets, you can reduce the number of walk-ins, and visa versa on quieter days.

This ensures a calming and relaxing experience for all, plus an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. 

... while with a remote queuing solution, customers are willing to wait 2 times as long.

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