Superior Management Of Your Queues, Appointments & Workforce

Did you know that the traditional queuing process has remained unchanged since the 19th century? Companies have accepted that waiting in line, frustrated customers and bad experiences are all just part of business. 

QHERE is the marketplace app that’s proving otherwise. We’re revolutionising the queuing process by introducing an innovative queue management and appointment booking system. The ultimate workforce management solution, all with the aim to satisfy your customers, utilise your workforce and increase your revenue.

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The First Remote Queuing Marketplace App

Superior mobile workforce management software by which your business can organise appointments, manage traffic and utilise your workforce.

It’s based on allowing your customers to queue remotely and book appointments via a free app, and only arrive at your premises when it’s their turn.

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The Benefits

25% Increased Utilisation

With the ultimate workforce management solution, QHERE guarantees an increase in workforce utilisation by up to 25%.

Reduce Wasted Space

Up to 40% of your store’s space is reserved for queues. Our online booking system doesn’t take up any room at all. 

Increase Revenue

With QHERE you won’t lose customers to walk-outs, instead, you will be maximising loyalty and overall customer experience. Equalling up to a 28% increase in revenue.

Improve Planning

QHERE is the unrivalled workforce management solution. Overseeing pre-booked appointments and remote queues with QHERE couldn’t be easier, you’ll be able to ensure you have enough workforce and resources to give a complete service.

A Highly Flexible Solution

QHERE’s multilingual, fully customisable mobile workforce management software that can be set up instantly via the cloud. For customers, they can download the app, find your store and join the queue or scan the QR code at your location and be automatically added to the queue.

Increase Workforce Utilisation

Ensure that you have complete WFM; prevent customer queues and reduce the number of stressed-out staff.

Improve Customer Experience

Give your customers the flexibility to book services and queue remotely. Using a queue management system prevents them from having to wait in line, full of frustration.

Increase Revenue

Nowadays, 20% of customers won’t even queue for a service, that’s 20% of your revenue lost. QHERE guarantees you won’t lose any customers to walk-outs.

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What Else Do We Offer?

QHERE is transforming what it means to manage queues and traffic at premises like yours. But it also presents many more advantages.

Omnichannel Management

Provide a seamless experience across online and offline channels that will have customers coming back, time and time again.

Know Your Customer

Verify exactly who your consumers are long before they arrive at your location, personalising your services for them accordingly.

Customised surveys

Conduct pre-arrival surveys to help prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19, thereby keeping all of your service users safer.

1-day onboarding

Begin using QHERE immediately to optimise your operations. Our quick onboarding process encompasses complete training and backend configuration.

Flexible support

Turn to us for responsive and comprehensive support, during business hours and on a 24/7 basis.

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