Superior Management Of Your Customer Traffic

Queues of waiting customers are many businesses’ worst nightmare, taking up precious space and being difficult to manage, while also potentially damaging footfall. If this is a familiar problem for your organisation, tap into the benefits of Q HERE today. It’s the complete digital solution for keeping on top of your customer traffic, the smart way.


Introducing Q HERE

A convenient system by which your business can better organise appointments, manage traffic and optimise its operations. It’s all based on allowing your customers to queue remotely via a free app, and only arrive at your premises when it’s their turn.

Receive bookings

Give your consumers the option to book appointments remotely and receive real-time updates on when they need to move. That way, they will arrive at your location at the optimal time to avoid queuing – giving your business less of a headache, too.

Manage queues and traffic

Improve your business’s management of its capacity, services and queues, boosting efficiency in the process.

Generate awareness and loyalty

Make it easier for your target customers to find you and book with you again and again. Allow them to accumulate loyalty points with you to further reduce walk-outs and no-shows.

Download Q HERE today

See for yourself how quick and easy it could be for your firm to attract and manage queues and traffic through our downloadable app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The benefits of Q HERE

Queuing doesn’t have to be done the way it’s always been done, and your business doesn’t have to manage it the way it’s always managed it. In fact, you and your customers can do away with traditional queuing altogether.

Lower overheads

Say goodbye to the stress, hassle and expense of managing queues the old-fashioned way, as part of the optimisation of your operations.

Optimal use of space

Queues take up space that your business could be putting to much better use. Q HERE allows you to banish them for good.

Maximised revenue

Don’t miss out on sales from frustrated customers. Instead, maximise loyalty, average revenue per customer (ARPU) and net promoter score (NPS) over time.

Planning and optimisation

Almost everyone hates queues; customers despise standing around in them, and businesses don’t like the anxiety of managing them. Q HERE means you can eliminate consumers’ waiting time while better managing capacity, improving efficiency, optimising operations and benefiting from related data and reporting.

A highly flexible solution

Customers can download the Q HERE app for free for their smartphone or tablet, and quickly find your business and join your remote queue. From your business’s end, Q HERE is a fully customisable, multilingual and white-labelling ready solution that can also be instantly set up via the cloud.

25% increased utilisation

QHERE patent solution can guarantee an improvement in occupancy by up to 25%.

European Patent Office

(Patent Pending)

What more does Q HERE offer to businesses?

Q HERE is transforming what it means to manage queues and traffic at premises like yours. But it also presents so many more advantages.

Omnichannel management

Provide the seamless experience across online and offline channels that will have customers coming back time and time again.

Know your customer

Verify exactly who your consumers are long before they arrive at your location, personalising your services for them accordingly.

Customised surveys

Conduct pre-arrival surveys to help prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19, thereby keeping all of your service users safer.

1-day onboarding

Begin using Q HERE straight away to optimise your operations. Our quick onboarding process encompasses complete training and backend configuration.

Flexible support

Turn to us for responsive and comprehensive support, both during business hours and on a 24/7 basis.

Enquire to the team to find out more

Are you ready to start upending the entire way your business manages queues, while also maximising productivity, footfall, conversions and revenue? If so, send us an email or give us a call today for further advice and information.