Companies around the world are going paperless. Ledgers and balance sheets are now digital. Filing returns and paying taxes have become convenient online. Virtual reporting is much easier than paper trails. Soft copies of literature are portable, user friendly and much easier to manage than stacks of files. There are plenty of reasons to shun paper, even when it comes to those queuing tickets. Don’t print those paper tickets any more, however small or short they may be.

  • The first reason why you shouldn’t print those queuing tickets is because they are not eco friendly. There are hundreds of studies that have documented the rampant degradation of our environment over the years for the want of paper. The carbon footprint is increasing astronomically. While there are certain green measures every company cannot endorse or initiate, going paperless is not only possible but more effective and rewarding.
  •  Going paperless will save you money. Calculate the costs of all the rolls of paper you use to print the tickets. Depending on the scale of your business, it would amount to a few hundred bucks a year. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on just one branch; let aside the statewide or nationwide need. You can save this money.
  •  What do you do with the tickets you print? For the time being, you have to save them. You may also keep a stock of the tickets for a certain period of time for reference. This requires space. You are paying for this space. Not only would you would save space in your branch or head office but you would also save money. You can use this space for more utilitarian purposes.
  •  Let us accept one reality. Queuing tickets are not effective. They were useful once. Today, they are just a waste of time, money and resource. They are difficult to manage, quite messy and chaotic, filing or record keeping is laborious and you may need one or more employees just to take care of those endless tickets. That again is a waste of money and labor.
  •  Finally, you should go paperless because there is a solution that is far more efficient, effective, eco friendly and affordable. Qhere allows you to manage all the customers who walk in to your branch or store and you can attend to their needs in real time, without issuing a single printed ticket. You can also do away with unnecessary queues using Qhere.

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