Companies around the world are going paperless. Ledgers and balance sheets are now digital. Filing returns and paying taxes have become convenient to edit online. Virtual reporting is much easier than paper trails. Soft copies of literature are portable, user-friendly and much easier to manage than stacks of files.

There are plenty of reasons to shun paper, even for those queuing tickets. Here’s why you should stop printing your tickets and choose to go digital instead.

It’s Eco-friendly

Now, this one probably won’t come as a surprise, but printed tickets are not eco-friendly. Hundreds of studies have documented the rampant degradation of our environment over the years for want of paper, and the carbon footprint is increasing astronomically. While there are specific green measures every company cannot endorse or initiate, going paperless is not only possible but more effective and rewarding.

It Saves Money

Going paperless will ultimately save you money. Go ahead and calculate the costs of all the rolls of paper you use to print the tickets. Depending on the scale of your business, it would amount to a few hundred pounds a year. Some companies might spend thousands of pounds yearly on just one branch, let alone the statewide or nationwide needs. You can save this money and be able to invest it elsewhere in your business.

It Saves Space

The rolls of paper and leftover tickets must be stored somewhere, right? If you eliminate the need for paper, you win back that extra space and revenue. And ultimately, you’re paying for that space, whether it be a direct payment for a storage facility or the fact that you’re losing space to these items. One way or another, you’re wasting revenue which could be saved.

It’s Easier to Manage

Printed tickets are not effective. Of course, they were good years ago, but now they’re just outdated and a waste of time and effort. They are known to be challenging to manage, simply messy and annoying. Often, businesses in the entertainment industry have to employ two to three members of staff just to take care of printed tickets and their distribution.

If you decide that your business will go paperless, we have an eco-friendly and affordable solution to switch to. QHERE allows you to manage all your walk-in customers and pre-booked appointments from a single and simple app; fully customisable to your needs.

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